Friday, February 16, 2007

Creativity is hard. Or, Art is Hell.

My frustration over the past few days has been proceeding with one of my latest obsessions, building a new website. The website in question is for an invention of mine. It's a modification of the usual registry that comes with your checks. I don't write checks, so don't carry my checkbook but the registry was important to me to keep track of my spending. Hence was born the DebitTracker! (Name pending) I have two styles so far, each of which fit nicely into the wallet next to, or around, your debit card.

Now I said "new" website, because one does exist for this product. Trouble is, I hate this website. It was a struggling half-assed attempt at a web presence. See for yourself!

Ugh. Hate. Pain. Disgust.

Anywho. I just watched a great tutorial video set which clued me in to the absolute power that CSS provides. Which should be enough inspiration to whip together a site in mere days! Um, er. Wrong. :(

But I'm getting it together. It will work! I just need to relax a little. I will let y'all know when I get it finished.

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