Friday, August 04, 2006

Micro Entertainment (*)

The term Micro-Entertainment came to me in the shower, as a description of what I do, playing on the internet for hours on end. I quick check my email for short texts of jokes or actually useful conversation, I check Popular links for the latest anything to keep me entertained for seconds at a time. I scour YouTube and Google Video for short clips to amuse me. Then, I realize, this is the ADHD of the entertainment industry.

I stumbled upon a show from Nintento at E3, began watching and immediately became anxious. The opening scene was cute, but not interesting enough. Guy in a conductor's suit with the Wii-mote in his hand, leading a faux orchestra. The next scene, two guys demoing a game on the Wii. They're playing a driving game, it looks like it would be fun to play, but I get bored again. My eyes look at the length of the video, ohmigod! A full hour of this mess! Panic! at the Disk-o. I grab the time slider and fast-forward through the queued portion availible, I see a commercial! Ahh, a commercial, my heart calms. Much more appropriate for my speed-sensitive anxiety, with the less interesting (non-important) "fat" trimmed away from the juicy meat of video game highlights, and players enthralled in the game jumping on their couch, driving with the WiiMote as the steering wheel and also using the controller in a fighting game with japanese swords. Phew. My heart and brain are calmed by being assaulted with flashing images and sounds.

I fast forward again, speed-watch the new Zelda game and it's unique interactivity with the WiiMote, and pause the video. I have my Gmail open, a Katamari Damacy video to watch, and I've been chatting constantly while the Nintendo video was playing. Is this multi-tasking taken too far?

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